About Us

The West Michigan American Foundry Society (AFS) Chapter provides technical, educational, social and networking opportunities for the local foundry community. Our membership includes metal casters, metal suppliers, foundry material suppliers, industry consultants and vendors throughout the West Michigan area.

The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a non-profit association serving members of the metalcasting industry both in the United States and abroad. Through various resources, AFS provides members with advocacy coordination and efforts in Washington, D.C., ongoing technical education through its Institute, as well as the transfer of innovative research and technology to the industry. Membership is individual or corporate and is made up of three markets, including: metalcasters and producers of metal cast parts; metalcasting suppliers and casting buyers/original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Student membership is also extended to future leaders of the metalcasting industry at a nominal cost.

West Michigan Chapter AFS Past Presidents

   Year      Name Company at Time in Office
1941-42 D.F. Seyferth West Michigan Steel Foundry
1942-43 D.J. Lonnee Muskegon Piston Ring Co.
1943-44 H.C. BeMent Campbell Wyant & Cannon
1944-45 J.L. Brooks Muskegon Piston Ring Co.
1945-46 J. Wesley Lee Challenge Machinery Co.
1946-47 Rudolph Flora Clover Foundry Co.
1947-48 C.H. Cousineau West Michigan Steel Foundry
1948-49 W.A. Hallberg Lakey Foundry Co.
1949-50 C.N. Jacobson Dake Engine Co.
1950-51 Stanley H. Davis Campbell Wyant & Cannon
1951-52 Ross P. Shaffer Lakey Foundry Co.
1952-53 Wm. J. Cannon, Jr. Nugent Sand Co.
1953-54 Fred J. DeHudy Centrifugal Foundry Co.
1954-55 J.A. VanHaver Sealed Power Co.
1955-56 George W. Bartlett Neway Equipment Co.
1956-57 E.H. Albrecht Blackmer Pump Co.
1957-58 David I. Jacobson Grand Haven Brass Foundry
1958-59 J. Joseph Cannon Enterprise Brass Works
1959-60 Elmer J. Carmody Engineering Foundry
1960-61 Walter A. Blackmer Muskegon Piston Ring Co.
1961-62 Richard O. Williams Campbell Wyant & Cannon
1962-63 Charles Pierce Westran Corporation
1963-64 James VanderMeulen American Seating Co.
1964-65 Max R. Wiard Campbell Wyant& Cannon
1965-66 Adrain J. Archambault Cannon Muskegon Corp.
1966-67 John E. DeGroot Benfur Engineering Co.
1967-68 Rudolph J. Lonnee Alloyed Grairon Castings Corp.
1968-69 Alvin Jacobson, Jr. Grand Haven Brass Foundry
1969-70 John L. Orzechowski Michigan Foundry Supply Co.
1970-71 Richard Davidson Campbell Wyant & Cannon
1971-72 Emery Cisneros Sealed Power Corporation
1972-73 Joe Sack Benfur Engineering
1973-74 Donald Huizenga Grand Rapids Foundry
1974-75 Max Ryefield Sealed Power Corporation
1975-76 Howard Lettinga Muskegon Piston Ring, Sparta
1976-77 Kenneth LeRoux LeRoux Foundry
1977-78 Richard O. Hagen Holland Pattern Company
1978-79 Jim Timmerman Delta Oil Products
1979-80 Jim Fox Sealed Power Corporation
1980-81 Roger Prins Louis Padnos Iron & Metal
1981-82 Dale Trumble Muskegon Community College
1982-83 Gary Barnes Sparta Foundry
1983-84 Tom Bader Wolverine Brass
1984-85 Edwin L. Clark Great Lakes Castings
1985-86 Thomas C. Cousineau Carpenter Brothers, Inc.
1986-87 John Steger Acme Resin
1987-88 John Keener Sparta Foundry
1988-89 George Mako Grand Rapids Aluminum Castings
1989-90 Rocky Corradin Melt-Tech
1990-91 Wayne Jarvis Eagle Alloy
1991-92 Steve Bolhuis Fisher Steel
1992-93 Charlie Rowe Carpenter Brothers
1993-94 Brad Fortenbacher Tri-Cast
1994-95 Steve Damschroder Great Lake Castings
1995-96 Andy Scherf Tri-Cast
1996-97 John Steger Borden Chemical
1997-98 Mike Johns Betz Industries
1998-99 Chuck DeVette West Michigan Steel
1999-00 Dick Evans Muskegon Cast Products
2000-01 Ken Groh Nugent Sand Company
2001-02 Gary Nervig Ravenna Casting Center
2002-04 Pete Bialik Foseco
2004-05 John Monette Paragon Pattern
2005-06 Jeff Cook Eagle Alloy
2006-07 Mike Lenahan Resource Recovery Corporation
2007-08 Jay Morrison Ravenna Ductile Iron Plant
2008-09 Jim Perreault SPEC Abrasives & Finishing, Inc.
2009-10 Reg Crowe Sandmold Systems
2010-11 Brendan Bolhuis Beacon Recycling
2011-12 Mike Thompson Cadillac Casting, Inc.
2012-13 Bruce Peacock Cadillac Casting, Inc.
2013-14 Lenny Basaj Metal Technologies, Inc.
2014-15 Courtney VanOeffelen Van Hydraulics
2015-16 Dan Arends Anderson Global
2016-17 Adam Snyder Midwest Product Specialties
2017-18 Rich Chase Eagle Alloy
2018-19 Eric Gildner Cadillac Castings
2019-20 Jay Morrison Carpenter Brothers
2020-21 Trevor Beach Betz Industries
2021-22 Kelly Ann Edwards MTI-Ravenna Ductile Iron
2022-23 Mickey Moore ASK Chemicals