Foundry In a Box

To help bring the metal casting experience to young people, the American Foundry Society (AFS) West Michigan Chapter (WMC) presents an educational, hands-on activity called “Foundry in a Box.”  Foundry in a Box is just what it sounds like.  All the essential elements of a working foundry (metal, sand, melting pot, patterns, molds, safety and finishing equipment) are packed up into a box. Put this box on wheels and you have a portable foundry experience that can be delivered just about anywhere – schools, churches, fairs, etc.  This unique experience is designed to expose the next generation of workers to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and excite them about the many career opportunities in the Foundry Industry.

Please contact us, AFS-WMC, if your organization would like to schedule a Foundry in a Box experience.  Kids select their casting to make and pack the mold with sand.  The molten tin is then poured into the mold and after it is cooled, the casting is extracted from the sand.  The excess metal is trimmed (finishing) and the kids get to take home what they made.  All accompanied with step by step instructions and guidance from individual who know and care about our industry.

To schedule a Foundry in a Box at your school or event, contact Andy Scherf at 616-402-4765.