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The West Michigan American Foundry Society (AFS) Chapter provides technical, educational, social and networking opportunities for the local foundry community. Our membership includes metal casters, metal suppliers, foundry material suppliers, industry consultants and vendors.

October AFS Chapter Meeting – October 13, 2020

West Michigan AFS - Bill HuizengaOn October 13th, the West Michigan Chapter of the American Foundry Society was fortunate to have Congressman Bill Huizenga speak to members of the society and the community. Congressman Huizenga is the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Huizenga addressed several topics including the impact of Covid 19 on businesses in Michigan and the country. Bill spoke about initiatives being worked on to utilize PPP funds that have not been spent to assist businesses that are still suffering due to government imposed shutdowns. Bill also asked the attendees if they were in need of people to fill open positions. Nearly every industry represented have a need for workers but struggle to find people while unemployment is at roughly 10% in the state. One of the biggest issues facing the country is the ~$21-22 trillion debt. Bill is part of a group known as 30 by 30. 30 Republicans and 30 Democrats teamed together to try to identify short, medium and long term solutions to slow the growing national debt. With a goal of starting to reduce the national debt, the group has a monumental task but a vital task to the future of the country. The West Michigan Chapter appreciates the great work Bill has being doing and continues to do for this state and this country.

This event was sponsored by Eagle Alloy.

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Trevor Beach (Chapter President), Senator Jon Bumstead (Speaker), Brendan Bolhuis (Program Chairman)

September 2020 Event: Trevor Beach (Chapter President), Senator Jon Bumstead (Speaker), Brendan Bolhuis (Program Chairman)

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